Ongoing Volunteer Roles

We could use support with our ongoing programs. If you’re interested in one of these roles, please get in touch with Lex.


Wednesday Dinner Co-Coordinator

Main Objective: To assist our Coordinator in booking and facilitating community groups to host dinners

Tasks: Reaching out to community groups, booking community groups to host dinners, assisting groups when planning their dinner, ensuring there is a SELAH lead for every Wednesday night dinner

Time Commitment: 2 hours a month

Learn more about Wednesday Night Dinners

Saturday Food Coordinator

Main Objective: To book food and pickups for Saturday Suppers

Tasks: Booking food and arranging pickups for Saturday meals

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week

Learn more about Saturday Suppers

Inventory and Donation Co-Coordinator

Main Objective: To support inventory ordering, organization and donations

Tasks: Ordering supplies, updating Amazon wishlists, picking up donations, thanking donors

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours a month

This role supports all programs