Service Center Site Suggestions

Thank you to everyone who submitted potential sites. Our report and a map of all the sites are available below.

Map of Potential Sites

We need your help! 

We are the SELAH neighborhood homeless coalition, a group of volunteers who are working with our homeless neighbors covering an area spanning Hollywood to Cypress Park. What we found is that this area has NO walk-in services available for most of the year, despite having more than 1,000 individuals on the street on any given night. 

Through Measure H and HHH funding, the city and county now have funding available for building these urgently needed resources.

We are looking for suggestions for where these resources could be located. We need sites for service centers, bridge housing, temporary shelters, safe parking areas, and other resources to serve people experiencing homelessness. These sites could be parking lots, underutilized buildings, or empty lots, and they do not need to be available forever - only for the next year or two (for example, a site that is slated for construction in 2020 can be used now).

We are looking for sites in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, East Hollywood, Atwater Village, Cypress Park, Glassell Park, Chinatown, and throughout North East LA, but site suggestions in any other areas are also appreciated.

Make your suggestions by accessing the survey HERE!

Please feel free to make as many suggestions as you would like. If you are someone or know someone who would like to make your structure/parking lot/other lot available, please be sure to include your contact information in the survey.

We will present these site suggestions to City Council members and advocate for these sites to be used to help our homeless neighbors. We will continually add to the map, and we invite you to check out what we have so far below.